Jul. 18th, 2015

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Love, comes in many forms and allows us to connect deeply. Love God gives us free will, thus with free we can decide even against the signs of God. Thus where evil can come in and play on our love. Important to be aware so that love doesn't make us a pawn. Love is there to build us up, encourage, support, honor, trust, be truthful and loyal...these are qualities of a true soulmate love... mine out is there, waiting for proper introduction... The scars of love gone wrong, don't have to continue or have taint on us---believe me I know it tainted my recent years...yet I healed and grew and focused on myself and professional goals. To be selfish in my own pursuits was a blessing. A greater blessing now would be to have that introduction and meet the one my one my soulmate my lover my partner and my match...
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Blessings! A partner who has my back! He means business so back off! Water a sacramental device to clean, heal, restore Not bad :) but spirit is what matters, but nothing plastic on my face 3 chairs, me, partner and special guest for espresso-tea-wine! Strong brand, hope it keeps up with all endeavors I do! Perfection for hours on feet!


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