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Music such an art form, with the ability to pierce my soul and connect deeply.

Perhaps connect deeply to me in places that have been locked deep, deep away in the heart, mind, soul---perhaps so deeply only God could penetrate.
For as I age, in growing wisdom and faith in God, I see and accept God's way is the best and only way for my soul.

It is fair to say in all my strength, accomplishments and focus---hiding away behind work and behind those things is a device that has served me well.
To disconnect from erotic love and put it deeply away has been a tactic, I've mastered. For none have been able to get past the deep, strong wall put up around my erotic love.

Slowly there has a been a thaw....have i gone out yet on a date with my soulmate-partner---the one, no not yet...but I am taking steps to be available when the time comes.

without any doubt I know that God willing the one comes to gain my hand in a union-marriage will have a strong, formidable, at times dour but highly educated partner with a great amount of love to put my partner first and guide, raise our children to God loving individuals who I would sacrifice my life.

We see what God does, no? For God is our ultimate master.


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