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Careful, and avoid generalizations.
A great prof., and she truly was in my life, still is and is and will be for other students. For life is about learning and we can always find masters who can teach us something.
Great minds love being students to learn and then to share to others. Thus why I love USA, our US Const., and in particular the Freedoms of Expression in First Amendment.

Prof. Herald taught me much and in regards to mind, not let filters, perceptions and generalizations skew our views. Perhaps sometimes it takes a student longer to assimilate some things over other things...

I am the first to admit, I can experience something then carry over the experiences. The key thing is to use the experiences as learning, to gain wisdoms.
Tonight I observed perhaps a sector of life that one could say, I've put into a group "bad" over good. Perhaps well yes due to some experiences in a city I lived in for law school.

These experiences I let taint my views of a group of professionals. Objective on my part, no--very subjective. For many in this group are hard working, justice seeking professional peopke who truly look to protective but don't put all and every rule before people.
Rules are good but people first!

Tonight was good. For it let me see the officers do their job and duty to protect the citizens of their jurisdiction.
Those who disrespect business operations, curse, and break business rules all under the guise "I am customer so I can" are in fact wrong.

As the officers rightly escorted the "shopper" out of the store. Even with store employees and security not achieving this result, fortunately the police quickly did.
People may be "shoppers" yet rules exist for them too. So disorderly conduct, public intoxication can make it so store finds the conduct as hindrance to their business and disruptive to their customers and employees.

The man could have left when asked, perhaps the booze: this I don't know if booze or not but booze can have an empowering argumentive affect on people.
Thus the man had options, respect the store, staff and security or deal with law enforcement. The man chose the later and was subsequently made aware it is trespassing when a person or private business asks a person to leave.

This is removing the guests legal ability to be on premise. The law enforcement, did their duty and enforced this on the man. The man ultimately lost privilege to shop at said business.
Overall the enforcement officers were friendly, professional and did their job. A lesson for me, as not all are bad. Just as a bad dentist, teacher, mechanic doesn't mean all respective fields are so.

Enjoyable day, productive, studies, work, and a cute fun movie. A talented comedic personality is Amy Schumer, perhaps too much potty mouth for me but an easy fun approach this comedian actor takes.
It cheered me up, to see her part ultimately go after the one who was hers and through some showy moves, and dedications she in fact demonstrated she was the one for him too.

Physical efforts do much, as they say "talk is cheap" so show me. She did and her dancing was great considering she danced in middle of pro cheerleaders and blended in perfectly.
When I say easy, I mean she has a natural, candid nature to her acting which is not so easy to accomplish$m
This movie reminded me of the beauty of love in its "simplest" of forms!

2 thumbs up to local enforcement officers and 2 thumbs up to movie.


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