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The king walked into the offices past the library within their main estate home. They enjoyed the intimicy of this office over at times the main estate offices located on exterior buildings used to over see the King's enterprises.

Whereas this office was more intimate, more personal areas were focused on by the king and consort. Only the king and consort had keys to this office.
The king walked into the room and an intense, artic cold energy consumed him+++it stopped him dead in his tracks.

In early years the king thought the heating and fire system defunct, now the king readily picked up these energies from the consort.
For this wise king knew "if my consort is upset, complainong even yelling it is not much to worry about. A chocolate bar can distract and cheer up.

"Yet when consort was non-expressive but focused, it was like being faced with a large immovable ice burg that no one but God could penetrate. Yet the king was finding ways to reach into the fire and passions that would bring this thaw to at least more moveable.
"Large heir jewel quality estate pieces tended to connect, and brought consort happiness. The king used these tactics.
"For even if it wasn't directed at me, me better when consort not so cold. I don't need my balls froze off" thought king.

"BRrrrrrrrrr, my love you look wonderful and time to go get some hitting in, please. You observe and provide feedback on me with this new hitting partner. ME the king wants to take your advise and perfect this aggressive, knife biting slice. Please come now my love".
The consort hating no detested distractions when focused and to anyone else would have sent out of office.
The consort looked up, saw the puppyish eyes, blue-green eyes of the king, with such love and devotion and the consort smiled.

The consort smiled, let go and breathed.
"Yes my love, I wouldn't miss this for anything. Then espresso and light food, I want to discuss extending the line of oils for international production$ the profits to church on the child education center."

"Yes" king said+++knowing easiest and truest path. For God ordained it and God granted the king the consort.
"And I promised God, God give me consort, me never say no to God or consort, and I don't just say but I do what say, no." king thought deeply.


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