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"I do" colbie callit "Down" "Down" "Take my hand as I am your king and your my partner for life, let go and let me in as equals" the king stated in a regal manner. Alone in a serene spot of nature, a simple table, with white coverings, a red rose stood in center, the kings initial monogramed on linens, a favorite wine, a grilled by king shrimp. A poem of serene sweetness the king composed on paper. The introduction to lay foundation for a proper proposal for the hand in life of consort. The king was prepared. The box was in his safe pocket, it had not left his hands since picking up from jewlers. Tonite would be the night the king proposed and started the journey to holy matrimony with consort. Alone just the two. They would have celebrations of family in friends for dinner before, the wedding union and celebratory dinner. So Tonite they would be just the two. From the moment the ring was on the consort hand self gratification would stop and be saved to night of wedding when they would merge as one. The romance would intensify upon engagement as this special period, not married but in final stages of courtship would be romantic. Both loved the romance of surprises, notes, long walks, shared wine, laughs, movies and much. For they had found their match.
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