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"yes take my hand, my heart is your hands and your heart is in my hands" "you will take care of my heart?" c inquired with such innocent "yes with my life your heart is safe in my hands, they need my life to take your heart"...k confirmed "will you will be my protector, and care for me--not as a trophy but as your equal, you will have my back?" the consort inquired "i got lost with my heart, i am scared--scared of loosing myself in a way God wouldnt allow through love" the c said "yes you did, but I am your king, the one God ordained for you and me for you, you were young needing a protector--me---now you have me" the king said with much confidence, not arrogance but supreme confidence. this made the king realized, the consort was coming to rest heart with him, as two hearts to merge and beat in sync.. "God made you for me, the perfect companion, counselor, soul mate, our souls meant to beat together, God, God wants this dont you feel how much God is with us, blessing us" the king was hammering home the connection "yes i am your protector and with my life will do so, from God's orders and I the king answer to no one but God"...the k said with confidence "yes my king, i do love you, rest my heart in your hands"..the c confirmed letting go, connecting now, and moving forward.. " i love you more than one could imagine" the king finished and with the look the consort knew words didnt need be spoken now they held hands and went for a stroll in evening night, with showers soon to sprinkle on their bodies, cleansing their bodies and souls Time to let go


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