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Here are some quotes, book discussion and analysis from these quotes to come soon.

“i see now, so clearly! I have deceived myself. I've been nothing to him but a gamepiece to move around the board. Even as he used me, I did use him. I used him to further my pride and ambitions.

As she died she said “Good let me die, let my life come end quickly” “my god forgive me”.....

“that morning was the first time she risen from her bed since Tanis brought her back, near death she had been, clerics due to her faith brought her back, but they could not bring her eye sight back”

“As I stand in darkness” she said, her clear voice rising sweet and pure among the songs of the larks “ I feel the warmth of the light upon my skin an dI know my face is turned toward the sun. I can look into the sun, for my eyes are forever shrouded by darkness. But if you who can see look too long in the sun, you will lose your sight, just as those sho live too long in the darkness will gradually lose theirs”

“this Elistan taught, that mortals were not meant to live in solely in the sun or in shadow but in both. Both have their perils if misused, both have their rewards”

“some might choose to walk the paths of night, looking to the black moon to guide them, while others walk the paths of the day, the rough and rock-strewn trails of both can be made easier by the touch of a hand, the voice of a friend. The capacity to love, to care, is given to us all---the greatest gift of the god to all, love”

These prior scenes from Test of the Twins Weis and Hickman

“in those days your Revered Daughter was new to her faith. But even as young as she was, she was strong and powerful, absolute in her conviction. She was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, and one of the coldest.”

“like ice she was. As cold and beautiful as blacier. AS unreachable. Or so she seemed to me. And yet there was fire in the ice. The woman is made of contradicitons. She told me once that she had an unusual ambition, a sense of purpose, that burned like a flame in her. Her goal was bring goodness to the world. She felt that she had been called upon to confront and destroy all evil. So she went into abyss”

Tears in Night Sky
Dragon Lance Legends


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